Friday, August 12, 2011

Salvage Wars

I don't mean to be simply suckered into the drama of a tv show designed to create 'drama', but I find it curious that our society is entertained by this show. If you haven't watched them, there are a series of tv shows on this summer about people going to self storage units which have been abandoned and bidding on them in hopes of re-selling the items for a profit. The only thing I can see in the show is the continual promotion of people living with the secular humanistic standard for their lives. The idealization of the mid-forty year old guys who curse at each other over bidding for these units and threaten each other is obscene. Whether or not the drama is real or staged is irrelevant, it is that the producers of the show deem the content to be of value as entertainment to North American's. Either they think that some will watch in order to see grown men acting like valueless fools, or that some will watch because they think its cool to 'kick ass' and get some deals on potential money making opportunities. Again, they grown men and women, bidding on these storage unit contents from a cursory glance only. I find it sad that there is enough of a percentage of people in our society who will enjoy watching this fighting between bidders that a show is made to show it.  I have seen other shows of a similar nature in the past, but now it seems that the 'fighting' aspect is added, perhaps to 'spice it up' a bit. What does it say about our society? It obviously says more about the viewer than the producers or "actors", but God help us if this is what we spend our spare time doing. Maybe its time to throw out the dishwasher and do some washing by hand, might do our value system a world of good.

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